What’s the look?

The only limits we have are the limits we set for ourselves. Contrary to what the media will have you believe, you don’t have to be the prettiest to get a gorgeous look. Let’s be honest and admit that even the ones deemed to be the most beautiful need to be transformed into beautiful swans with the help of  a team of stylists. Hey, I’m not complaining (and neither should you). Just embrace it.

Hey, that’s the look! It’s that something you can’t explain, that – yep, you guessed it, that je ne sais quoi (more like j’sais pas quoi!…franchement). Don’t equate that with money and riches, again, franchement! Looking nice, looking good, looking fierce, even looking ferociously glamourous isn’t just about money. Yes, newsflash…it’s not just about money (though it totally helps). It’s all about style and you can be stylish even if you can’t sa-shay down the street or in a grocery store wearing the latest Tom Ford ensemble – sad, I know. It’s about how you put it all together and how you present it (so please be confident)…style baby.

So, I’m a little obsessed with hair and makeup…just a smidgen-not much. Just a whole blog’s worth! Hair and makeup may seem like trickery to some but it’s magic to me. You can’t always explain why you love a an editorial in a magazine or why you love the way your neighbor or a friend puts a look together. All you know is when you see something you like or you love, you say to yourself “that’s the look.” So if you’re someone who loves the magical transformation that hair products, makeup, fabulous and not so fabulous clothes can give you (with a little help from accessories) then this blog is for you. So please, take your time and enjoy.

5 responses to “What’s the look?

  1. rasberry_blush

    My first impression was: whoever is behind this knows where to look for eye-catching looks— that’s the look!
    Simply a glamorous selection of images?

  2. rasberry_blush

    I meant– simply a glamorous selection of image!
    Always looking forward to seeing what’s new:-)
    Gr8 work

    • Thanks so much! I never realize how much time it takes to search and search for editorials I actually like until I look at the clock and realize I’ve been sitting for hours. I’m so happy you like them too. So nice of you to say that. 🙂

  3. I absolutely agree! Any one of us can look fantastic and feel fabulous, it’s all about finding the right clothes to suit your body-shape, features, personal style preferences, age, lifestyle & personality, and being exactly who you are! Fabulous blog – really love it!

    Stay stylish,

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

  4. Hi! I was referred to you from Wilhelmina NYC, I am with the Canada office, can you get in touch with me at info@wilhelminavancouver.com ..? Thanks! Tricia

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