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>Oscar Fashion 2011

Feb 27 2011 83rd Annual Academy Awards held at the Kodak Theatre.

There were hits and misses. Apparently most critics loved the looks I hated but my favorite looks are on the first three rows. The women in the first four rows were simply flawless from head to toe. I was awestruck when I saw Mila Kunis and Sandra Bullock. Gwenyth Paltrow and Celine Dion looked glowy and amazing. And I must admit I’ve never seen Michelle Williams look so beautiful and put together. This is one instance when her pixie hairstyle really works.

Jennifer Hudson’s cleavage was a little disturbing though the rest of the gown fit her perfectly.  Anne Hathaway was much too gaunt to be sporting her signature red lip. Something about the sunken cheeks just didn’t sit well with the red lips and alabaster skin. Sad because I usually like her red lip but the gown she wore was no surprise.Maybe it’s just me but did Jennifer Lawrence forget she was going to the Oscar’s? Her look was much too plain for this Gala.

The colors used for Halle Berry’s dress are beautiful but the gown looks like it exploded.

Melissa Leo – where do I begin. Everything was wrong: hair, make-up, “gown”, shoes. Why? Who did this to you?   Sharon Stone looks possessed

The last two rows are by far the worst ensembles of the evening. Kate Blanchett straight from the runway look was high fashion but I couldn”t force myself to like this gown and I just don’t understand Nicole Kidman’s red carpet looks anymore. She used to be the most fashionable on the red carpet but it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed anything she’s worn. At least her make-up was nice. Everyone raved about Reese Witherspoon’s look but the dress she wore was simply boring and the hair piece looked awful. How could anyone over look the bad hair piece?   ).