Molly O’Connell by Manny Roman

Photography by Manny Roman

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4 responses to “Molly O’Connell by Manny Roman

  1. wow… Molly Looks Stunning and Fresh! after the haircut..
    hope to see more of her? in Fashion editorials and Haute Couture?
    She is A Fashion Editorial Girl!!!

    • Tyra Banks cut her hair. What a crappy thing to do. Jealousy? Maybe. I’m dealing with the cut and her face is exquisite so short hair won’t stop her I don’t think. I agree with you. She really is a FASHION EDITORIAL GIRL – so edgy. I hope we see her everywhere!

  2. rasberry_blush

    I love the first short.. It is soo simple yet edgy. Loving the cropped hair and her makeup highlights her features in a subtle yet flattering way.. Beautiful 🙂

    • She’s definitely edgier looking and still gorgeous. Thank goodness she cut it again to give it better appeal (after Tyra jacked her up). Many of the edgy girls look like they’re on drugs but this Molly is fresh. I don’t understand why they aren’t clambering to work with her. More Editorials please!!!

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