Karlie Kloss for Numéro #127 October 2011

Photography by Tom Munro

Karlie Kloss is taking the word smolder to another level. This is something I’ve seen her bring to the runway but never to photos.


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4 responses to “Karlie Kloss for Numéro #127 October 2011

  1. rasberry_blush

    Quite skinny… But I love the hair and make-up especially the lips

    • Believe it or not, she’s not as skinny as when she started. She’s actually filled out a bit so her skinniness doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. You should look her up and see how she slinks on the runway. She has a great walk and I love this editorial because she’s never looked like this before. That red lip color against her alabaster skin is to die for. You and I both know how hard it is for ANYONE to wear red lipstick with orange undertones.

  2. rasberry_blush

    That is soo true.. I salute the make-up artist!
    I will check her out…

  3. Totally!!! Karlie Kloss is taking the word Smolder to another level.
    She is Smoldering in every Shot!
    Colour-Blocking works really well for her!
    that Electric Blue Kelly! Argh…Gorge..

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