Liu Wen plus Emporio Armani equals Oh-my-word!!!

So here goes. I see this name, “LIU WEN” and I read these two words “EMPORIO ARMANI” and I’m like “whaaaaat?!” I must see the photos. I must have the photos. I must show the photos! Aaaaah! I love Liu Wen like I love water. Why and how is she so fabulous? And thank you fashion God’s for such amazing photos. I love the color of these shots. I love the styling. She looks amazing and her eyes burn right through my soul. Seriously, she doesn’t even have much makeup on (because the look focuses mostly on the brows) and I can’t stop looking at her. I get a La Femme Nikita vibe from this and a sleek Angelina Jolie vibe from the movie Wanted. I mean, I don’t know. She needs to strut out (and yes I said “strut” out) and find someone who needs to be tamed, someone who needs to be taught a lesson. Could you imagine seeing this goddess strut out of a grocery store looking like this? Children and small animals would stop in their tracks just to ogle her. OMG, the soldiers in the battle of Troy would break from battle and clear a pathway (more like runway) for her to strut through, stop, pose then turn back around just to strut down the pathway (runway) again with the wind blowing through her hair and oh yeah, all while wielding a sword in one hand. I can’t even deal. Work!

Liu Wen wearing Emporio Armani for AnOther Fall Winter 2011

Photography by Sharif Hamza


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