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>Eniko: Must be my new favorite model

>Eniko Mahalik is everywhere right now (Vogue Italia, Vogue Nippon, Russh, Antidote, The GentleWoman and Bergdorf Goodman)…impressive to say the least. She must be my new favorite model because when I see her I have to stop and gaze in awe at her photos. The first pic was taken by Benny Horne for Russh #37. The second set of pics were taken by miguel reveriego for Numero #115.


>Eniko Mihalik’s Serious Mane

>Anyone unfamiliar with model Eniko Mihalik needs to GET FAMILIAR! Her hair is amazing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s all hers and not store-bought.

>Cindy Crawford is Vogue Beautiful


Many of the supermodels of the 90s are coming back with a vengeance. Although there’s a fair amount of photoshopping going on in the face, I still enjoy looking at these photos of Cindy Crawford in the October 2010 Edition of Vogue India taken by photographer Mark Seliger. She’s so stunning in these pics that she almost looks better than she did in her 20s. Something about her looks more statuesque than ever before. The makeup is gorgeous – sophisticated and the hair free to blow in the wind. This editorial makes me want everything she’s wearing including the shoes, the hair and the makeup.

>Sasha Pivovarova…she’s just drawn that way!

Whoever styled Sasha Pivovarova for this photoshoot (Franck Benhamou) and whoever completed her hair and makeup were definitely channeling Jessica Rabbit. She normally has blond hair but who knew she could be exquisite as redhead. The pics were photographed by Camilla Akrans and styled by Franck Benhamou for Numero 86, the September 2007 Edition. That’s a while back but who cares. She looks unreal.

>HAIR WATCH: The Naturel

>This hair sends me into a frenzy. I want it. I need it. If I have to get a wig so I appear to have hair like this then I will.

Tracee Ellis Ross

>HAIR WATCH: Yaya DaCosta

>Yaya Da Costa always has great hair. She can rock just about any look: her natural hair texture, straighter hair styles and everything in between. She carries herself with such elegance.


photo from

photo from Essence Magazine June 2010


photo from Essence Magazine June 2010





Photo from Essence Magazine June 2010

>In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I…I…I…I die!"

>Oh my. I think I’m going to faint. These photos of Natalia Vodianova in the December 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK edition taken by Michelangelo di Battista are beyond beautiful. The makeup is so soft and the hair is ever so delicately pulled up in the back. I love the looseness of the hair in the front and how it moves and blows in the wind in various shots. She’s an angel dipped in gold. I’d fear her if I wasn’t basking in her gorgeousness. Cettes photos sont trop belles.